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16th April 2014

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today before PE class someone was calling with a classmate who wasn’t there in class, but my teacher wanted to start explaining a game so he took the phone from her and said ‘um hi fleur where are you? … yes, it’s daniel, i took her phone. … are you still coming, or…’ and we could all hear her lose it without the phone even being on speaker mode

Tagged: personalschoolhe's so childish but in a good wayas inhe will definitely steal the ball from you if he gets the chancebut never laughs at you about ithe's a very good mani like him

16th April 2014

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milkmagiccoffeeandbowties said: Hm, write about yourself? Or just keep it really, really vague and leave everyone guessing. :’) Or write about Pip! (Well, I guess that could be cheating, as Pip is not technically a person, but who doesn’t love hamsters?)

gregoire-la-poire said: I advise writing about yourself, because loving you is the most important thing. :3

actually writing about myself isn’t such a bad idea? i mean it’s kind of therapeutic in a way, have to store that away for later hmm

anyway i finished the poem yesterday during class so yay i did it

Tagged: milkmagiccoffeeandbowtiesgregoire-la-poireunfortunately i'm not a good source of inspirationso i thought 'what inspires me when i'm writing stories?'and honestly 9/10 times that's your comments ingeso i wrote about thatit's kind of short and stupid but hey it's somethingso thanks for the inspiration and for indirectly saving my ass on this assignment

16th April 2014

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The future is now


The future is now


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16th April 2014

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Have you ever had a dream that was so vivid it stuck with you in the back of your mind for years?

Tagged: that one dream in which i could fly on dead swansit was quite poetic for a 4-year-olds dream

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16th April 2014

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16th April 2014

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Anonymous asked: Ben jij Jip van Janneke?

O, ik wist dat deze dag ooit zou komen…

Ik ben uit de fictieve wereld verbannen nadat mijn moeder me heeft betrapt toen ik met Takkie wiet aan het roken was. Toen heb ik me om laten bouwen, mijn haar blondgeverfd en de helft afgeschoren om zo een nieuw, anoniem leven op te bouwen, zonder Janneke, zonder Takkie, helemaal alleen. Ik had een toekomst hier kunnen hebben, Anon, ik had het kunnen hebben. Ik had mijn diploma kunnen halen en de wereldreizen gaan maken, in plaats van de hele tijd in dezelfde stomme tuin met datzelfde stomme buurmeisje rond te hangen. Het had kunnen gebeuren, maar jij hebt mijn ware naam weer aan het licht gebracht.

Ja, ik ben Jip van Janneke. Ben je nu gelukkig?

Tagged: anonaskdutchjip en jannekeweet je hoe vaak ik dit in mijn leven heb gehoordminstens honderd keeren dan overdrijf ik niet eensik denk dat ik me toch wel minstens honderd keer in mijn leven heb moeten voorstellenen letterlijk bijna iedereen reageert zodus ben ik ze nu voor'ik ben Jip van Janneke!'leuk ezelsbruggetje ookniemand vergeet het meer

15th April 2014

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godstiel asked: ur so perfect <3



15th April 2014

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in the netherlands we don’t say “you have an eye for detail”, we say “je bent een grote mierenneuker”, which translates to “you’re a big ant fucker” and i think that’s beautiful

this is bullshit. 

you have an eye for detail would be je hebt een oog voor detail. niet “je bent een mierenneuken” that shit is more for people who are nitpicking every single fucking thing and complaining about it. 

here we can see an ant fucker in its natural habitat

Tagged: i really can't figure out if you're being ironic or noti mean you literally picked out a detail on the translationand complained about itlike whoah okayi know it's not exactly the same thing but that was part of the jokelike in every single one of these jokes the translation is always meaner than the english stuffthis is meaner than an eye for detailnot trying to sass youi mean if you genuinely didn't know that was part of the joke then okif you did and you did this to be ironic 10 for you that was funnybut somehow i don't think you realised

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15th April 2014

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15th April 2014

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when I wake up I’m afraid, somebody else might take my place

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